Item of the Day: Imblim Jewelry

Much to my delight, this whole stacking-on-the-friendship-bracelets trend doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. Whether you’re nostalgic for sleepaway camp, love collecting charms, or just find it fun to pile your arms with string and rubber bracelets, you pretty much can’t go wrong.

Last week, I heard about a new line of bracelets called Imblim. The company’s ethos is that jewelry tells a story. By sharing jewelry (for example, gifting your best friend with an Imblim bracelet), we’re not only connecting with each other but imbuing the jewelry with even more meaning than it had before.

To that end, each colorful Imblim bracelet comes with a choice of one of three sterling silver charms representing revelry, loyalty, or strength. Full disclosure, I chose my charm because I liked the shape, but a little extra strength in my life couldn’t hurt either.

Buy your bracelets here.

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