Item of the Day: HIPKNOTIES

What the heck is a HIPKNOTIES, you may be wondering. HIPKNOTIES is yet another piece of clothing that is like a huge wardrobe all in one garment, but unlike most convertible clothes, HIPKNOTIES are ones I’ll actually wear.

You choose the color (colors include hot pink, jade, black, teal, green apple), length (mini, midi, maxi), of your fabric and from there, you can create a multitude of dresses, tops, skirts, shawls, and such. My favorite thing is the circle scarf, because you don’t have to do anything — you just wear it as a scarf. Yes, I can be incredibly lazy, and I like clothing that not only doesn’t judge me for that, but rewards it.

All HIPKNOTIES come with clear elastic bands that you use to secure your outfits. You can create up to 30 styles with one simple piece of stretchy, durable, comfy fabric.

Because I am so gifted in the art of photoshop, I decided to share with you my own interpretation of HIPKNOTIES: the mini dress:

You can see far better photos of how to wear the garment on their website here along with how-to videos here.

It’s really fun to play around with.

Prices range from $60-$75.