Item Of The Day: All Hail! The Oxford!

For a long time, you did not think about Oxford shoes. Or, if you thought about them, you thought of them passively, as the footwear of the gentleman in a bank or your dad’s friend the accountant, or the shoes your future-ex-husband would wear, maybe on the day you married him because your parents liked him, but not on the day you divorced him, very soon after, because he would never understand you and played too much golf and also because he wore those shoes.

But you did not think about Oxford shoes for yourself. You did not imagine them cutely hugging your ankles with a pair of rolled-up and perfect jeans. You did not know how satisfyingly they would balance a flowy-feminine dress or a longish pair of preppy shorts. You had no idea that you’d like how sturdy they felt, how they’d meet all the comfort qualities of flats without the flip-flopping and the flat-y-ness. And you especially did not envision them airy, light, and summery and in the world’s most neutral pewter blue, all ready to fulfill your warm-weather style dreams.

Buy them here: Hinge “Leggett” Oxford, $79.95

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