Item Of The Day: Who Can Resist Waffles On Sticks?

So you’re thinking about having a few people over this weekend for brunch. You’ll put out some fresh-enough bagels, cream cheese, lox if you’re feeling fancy, fruit from a deli cup, coffee, the nice spoons, and . . . WAIT . . . ARE THOSE WAFFLES ON STICKS? Yes, yes friends, they are and they are ALSO HEART SHAPED.

Think of the possibilities this hot-pink waffle maker will open up in your life: There’s Breakfast. In Bed. There’s Best. Aunt. Ever. There’s “it’s a crummy Thursday and for whatever reason I’m hungover and I am going to make waffles on a stick – TO GO!”

Truly, this appliance will change lives.*  In other news: sticks included!

Babycakes Non-stick Waffle Maker, $31.23

*Amazon suggests purchasing this waffle iron along with a cake-pop maker, but that is between you and your god.