Calling cards that say everything, so you don’t have to say ANYTHING

Have you ever wished you could just hand someone some sort of card expressing whatever sentiment is on your mind? These cards from Ashkahn will surely do the trick. They’re perfect for when you want to say something. . . without ever actually SAYING something!!!

If you’re shy about letting the object of your affections know that you think they’re fly as hell, slip them the “You’re Cute” card. It’s blank on the back of the card, so you could write your phone number, or a special message on the back or some ancient hieroglyphics that they’d have to decode. They’re going to have to work for your love, after all! You can also be creative as to how you get it in their hands. Here are some ideas:

1. Train your dog or cat to deliver it.

WARNING: your pet might become a YouTube sensation as a result, so be ready for that just in case.

2. Secretly slip it into their microwave lunch when they’re not looking.

Imagine how cool that card would look sticking out of their Trader Joe’s Mac and Cheese!

3. Place it into a rollerskate (or rollerblade if you’re feeling more ’90s) and roll it over to them.

You get 25 cards in each pack, though I know that’s not NEARLY enough for all of your crushes. I’d probably “anonymously” send myself the “Crushing on You” card, kind of like how Cher sent herself flowers in Clueless. You know, so everyone can see how desired I am. (Of course I’d Instagram it for proof.)

Then of course, there’s this one that you could use for any potentially disastrous OKCupid dates.

Calling cards by Ashkahn, $10