Item Of The Day: “Bad Girls Throughout History”

Zines. Zines! ZINES! Are you buying enough zines? Do you have a beautiful little pile on your coffee table or your bedside table or a favorite shelf (make a shelfie!) that shows you are a smart, arty, literary, Wes Anderson-y woman who supports creative, thoughtful, personal things out in the world and ON PAPER and that you love them because they are not mass-produced and instead handmade with love and hustle?

Well, then, BB, today’s item is for you. We love this “Bad Girls Throughout History” zine series by L.A.-based artist Ann Shen. The images inside are vivid and distinct, sweet and cool at the same time, and Shen’s portrait choices—from Joan Jett and Blondie to Josephine Baker and Dolly Parton—are perfectly on point. Buy one now for yourself or your favorite bad (or good) girl—like all great things, they’re going fast.

To buy:

“Bad Girls Throughout History” Volume 1, $10

“Bad Girls Throughout History” Volume 2 , $10