The sports bra for people who hate sports bras

Even though having boobs is normally pretty alright, trying to run/jump/move with them can be, shall we say, less than stellar. Good support is a must when it comes to getting active, and for anyone with a bosom, no matter its size, finding a good sports bra can be the difference between a (relatively) enjoyable work-out and a horribly uncomfortable one.

When we heard about the new American Sports Bra (ASB), our interest was totally piqued. The design of its ASB Original Sports Bra stands out because it has dual-layer support: the inner layer is a simple, everyday bra with molded underwire and adjustable straps, and the outer layer (which looks more like your normal sports bra) goes on over it for extra support without confining your chest. Both layers snap on in front, so you don’t have to do that weird sports bra shimmy to get in and out of it, either. Hooray!

And in case, like us, you despise wire things, they even have an option without the underwire for added comfort. Which is awesome, obviously, because no one wants to send their boobs to boob jail if they don’t have to. (Are we right, New Girl fans?!) Basically, both bras feature some super-supportive goodness so you can move freely without any trouble, and we’re into it. Working out (or just lounging around, we don’t judge) doesn’t need to be less awesome because of an uncomfortable sports bra, Gigglers: ASB totally has your back (and, you know, your boobs).

Each ASB bra costs $60, which might seem like a lot, but consider that most of us buy a sports bra like once every five years (or wait is that just us?) so price-per-wear is totally reasonable.

Check out ASB’s collection at their website here.

Image via ASB.