It turns out your perfect lipstick shade is the same color as your nipples

No more secretly testing lipsticks at CVS to find just the right hue for your skin tone. Just lift up your shirt! Apparently, your perfect lipstick shade is the same color as your nipples. It’s true! According to NBC’s The Doctors, anyway. (And yes, they’re real doctors. They don’t just play them on TV.)

While we’ve been trying everything from magical mood-morphing lipsticks to astrological divination to uncover our pouts’ perfect pucker, the answer has been hanging out in our bras all along. We’ll wait here while you run to the bathroom mirror to compare your nips with your favorite ‘sticks.

Still skeptical? So are we. And on Twitter, reactions came in all colors of shade.


But The Doctors may be on to something. Regardless of race, nipples are naturally one to two shades deeper in color than the skin to which they are attached, positioning them perfectly as the ultimate color palette to compare and contrast.

Still, don’t go grabbing up all of the flesh-colored lipsticks Sephora has in stock simply because they match your nips today. According to dermatologist Dr. Lindsey Bordone at New York’s Columbia University Medical Center, nipples can change color over time because of shifts in hormones due to aging and chronic illnesses, such as diabetes. Friction from uncomfortable clothing that rubs, and vigorous scrubbing with nylon loofahs, can also cause nipples to darken.

If nothing else, The Doctors have given us all another great reason to #freethenipple. And when your friends ask you what’s the secret to your perfect pout, don’t worry. Our lips are sealed!

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