Someone did an “It”-themed child photoshoot, and we will never sleep again

Remember last year’s creepy clown sightings thought to be connected to the new It movie coming out this fall? We’re scared to report that they’re back…in the form of a creepy clown child.

*Screams for a year*

Mississippi photographer, Eagan Tilghman, dressed his little brother Louie as Pennywise, It’s infamous killer clown. The brothers then went to the woods and took some It-inspired photos that are actually terrifying.

We now know that the trope mashup of scary clown and evil-looking child is the perfect recipe for the ultimate horror flick villain. Horror movie junkies, take note.

We’re so confused — our hearts wants Louie to be cute but our head is telling us he’s scary AF.

Like, very scary!

Needless to say, Tilghman is a spook genius. His Facebook photo series of Pennywise-Louie has been liked over 2,000 times and is just shy of 3,500 shares. ‘Tis the Halloween season after all.

The director the new adaptation of Stephen King’s classic, Andy Muschietti, even liked Tilghman’s Instagram post of Louie. Tilghman is gaining some serious traction with this photo series.

So much so that he’s hoping to gain the attention of Ellen DeGeneres, who, as we all know, adores talented kids.


If creepy clowns are going to make a comeback in 2017, we’re really glad said comeback is in the hands of Tilghman and Louie. We’ll certainly be sharing their photos in hopes of them getting to walk that Ellen stage. Oh, and It comes out on September 8th…so get ready to never sleep again.