The “It” sequel just got a release date, so your Pennywise nightmare is far from over

If you never want to sleep again (LOLOLOL), we have good news for you: We’re one step closer to getting more Pennywise. A release date has finally been set for the It sequel, and we have no doubt that the follow-up to the hugely successful horror film will keep us up at night.

New Line and Warner Bros. have selected September 6th, 2019 to be what we’re just going to go ahead and call #CLOWNAGEDDON.

That means you have a little under two years to recover from the feature adaptation of Stephen King’s creepy-as-hell novel. And, you know, brave up for another round with Pennywise — the evil clown who feeds on the fear of children like it’s NBD.

* Hi, Bill Skarsgard! ??? *


It screenwriter Gary Dauberman — who is credited along with Cary Fukunaga and Chase Palmer — is already working on the script, and director Andy Muschietti is believed to return. So we trust that we’ll remain in very spooky hands.

News that the sequel is underway comes as little surprise.

While it had been discussed in the past, the movie had yet to be formally announced. But King’s original work centers on The Losers’ Club fight against Pennywise as kids and adults.

The film (SPOILER!) only focuses on the group as kids, but ends with them pledging to return to defeat Pennywise again if need be. So that should give you some insight into what to expect from the plot of the sequel.

Then there’s It‘s box-office numbers to consider: The film has shattered record after record, and recently became the highest-grossing horror film…ever.

So while we may be afraid of Pennywise — even if we know Skarsgard is behind the monsterit appears people just can’t get enough. And we better get used to a lot more clownin’ around.