You can now watch the opening scene of “It” online, if you’d like to be terrified again today

With only a few days to go before Halloween, it’s time you really got into the spirit of things and revisited the most terrifying movie of the season: It!

The horror film quickly became the horror movie of the year, if not one of the best horror movies ever made. Shortly after the film (based on the Stephen King novel) opened back in September, it claimed the highly coveted honor of being the top grossing horror movie of all time, not adjusted for inflation. This upcoming weekend is the prime weekend to see something terrifying, and already to date, It has grossed just shy of $700 million.

That’s a whole lot of movie about a clown that lives in a sewer and makes children float via balloons or something, and also yellow jackets and Finn Wolfhard!

…I think. Listen, I am going to be completely honest with you: I have not seen It. I am literally too scared to go and see the movie, because HG’s assistant entertainment editor, Molly, went to go and see it, and took associate editor Anna with her, and I think the movie broke both of them. I know they enjoyed the movie, but I’m pretty sure Anna saw things she never wanted to see.

I can’t even bring myself to watch this three minute clip of the opening, but I know you guys like this kind of stuff, so I wanted to do a show and tell. Except please don’t show me anything about this, or even remotely tell me what’s happening. I’m fine not knowing.

Scary, right? I’ll take your word for it! Feel free to watch that on loop again and again at your upcoming Halloween party, but please don’t expect me to show up and enjoy myself if you’re watching It.