Get the creepiest manicure of your life by copying these “It”-inspired nails

The terrifying reign of Pennywise the clown is no longer limited to the act of luring innocent children into the dark underground. Since the movie hit theaters, the killer clown has found his way into the beauty world, and now It-themed nail art is taking over Instagram with the force of a thousand bloody, helium-filled balloons.

If you’re looking to create a somehow relaxing horror-themed spa night, you can now stock up on It-inspired bath bombs and garner inspiration from the gorgeous and terrifying Pennywise-inspired nail art the internet has perversely blessed us with.

The #Itnails hashtag is a true example of how art can transform horror into something pretty and wearable.

The detailing on these nails is enough to cause us to float, too.

The hashtag features the work of incredibly talented nail artists from across the globe.

These artists are more skilled at painting Pennywise’s face on their nails than most of us would be doing our own makeup.

While the detailing is admirable, it’s still the stuff of nightmares.

These are great looks if you want to traumatize your loved ones.

Perfect for those of us who want to dress up as someone who gives a terrifying high-five.

Seriously, this hashtag is next level.

Here’s one more for the road, or the haunted sewer.

Are you crying yet?!

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