It may be fake, but Khloé Kardashian’s new bob is inspo if you’re bored with your hair

While some members of the Kardashian/Jenner clan may be more famous for their drastic, ever changing, chameleon-like looks, don’t sleep on Khloé! She unveiled a dazzling new look in her most recent Instagram photo: Khloé has cut off all of her beautiful hair into a super chic bob! Even when the reality star knows what makes her look good, she keeps surprising us with her daring fashion and beauty looks! We’re extra excited when she does something unexpected, like chop off her hair. Not only does she consistently always look great, but her more recent tweaks to her style and appearance actually give her a lot of freedom to play with various looks that she knows she can rock.

How glamorous are those platinum waves?

That’s probably the shortest we’ve ever seen her hair in a very long time, if not ever!

Even though Khloé rocked a short ‘do a few days ago, it looks like the reality star wanted to chop off more!

And we are loving how pale her blonde locks have been getting in recent weeks. Her transition from brunette to blonde has been one of the most seamless transformations we’ve ever seen!

We aren’t naive enough to forget that it very well could be the work of fancy hair trickery or a wig, but we love it anyways! And isn’t the Fall just the best time to change up your look? What better way than going short?

And lucky for us, there’s no shortage of inspiration online, so you can find the bob that best works for your own hair!

OOOHH, we love this sneaky surprise!

Are you inspired?

Either way, we think Khloé is killing it with this sexy bob, and we hope it’s real so we can enjoy it for many weeks to come!

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