The “It” Honest Trailer is here, and it’s helping us cope with our fear of clowns

The 2017 adaptation of Stephen King’s It captivated horror fans everywhere. Not only did it manage to re-tell one of Stephen King’s classic novels in a way that pleased King himself and fans of the book, but it also managed to delight audiences when the 1990 Tim Curry-led TV miniseries is considered to be a horror classic. That said, even the best movies are not safe when it comes to the ever-critical eye of Honest Trailers. Yep, Screen Junkies just released its It Honest Trailer and unsurprisingly, it’s hilarious.

The It Honest Trailer touches on how the film heartily employed the classic horror trope of characters seeing something sketchy and scary, and walking *alone* right toward that scary and sketchy thing. And, it calls attention to some of the troubling stuff from the book the film wisely chose to omit.

In addition to poking fun at the horror tropes, the It Honest Trailer also reminds us of the infinite loop of nostalgia that Finn Wolfhard brings to the film.

Here it is: Wolfhard makes us nostalgic for Stranger Things, which makes us nostalgic for the ’80s, which makes us nostalgic for the It miniseries and, in effect, King. Seriously,it’s a perfect circle. Who knows what you can do with that information…but, now you know.

While the It Honest Trailer is great, we were pretty shocked that the entire viddy goes by without even a passing mention of Pennywise’s meme-inspiring dancing skills. That was one of the best memes of fall 2017, and we were kind of sad to see Pennywise’s skills not even get a passing mention.

Regardless, this Honest Trailer had us laughing out loud, making the movie about a murderous clown a little more palatable for those of us who aren’t usually fans of horror.