It Gets Better for Julianne, But Not Necessarily You

According to Julianne Hough, “It gets better.” No, not for you gay and bullied teens, for her. She decided to tweet out an Instagram photo of the famous saying now associated with at-risk youth. I get that even beautiful movie stars have their hearts broken and sometimes need a reminder that this too shall pass. . But “it gets better”? Really, Julianne? You just broke up with Ryan Seacrest, one of richest and most eligible bachelors in entertainment. Now, I do not personally know Ryan. You can never really tell how a person is behind closed doors unless you’re with them. But I think it’s safe to assume that he’s probably not the worst boyfriend ever and while I’m sure she’ll get to feeling better, do I think it was inappropriate to hijack this phrase and use it to inspire herself so publicly? Definitely.

Now look, I am no saint when it comes to being appropriate. Last week when Lil’ Wayne was hospitalized, I tweeted the following:

I thought it was funny, and so did other people. I did however, get a few responses like these:

Again, I felt like I was making a harmless joke where the only person that could even take offense would be Lil’ Wayne himself, who definitely doesn’t care who I am. I also thought my detractors should lighten up and not pick apart every word I write so seriously.

When reflecting upon my own experience, it makes me think that perhaps Julianne just quickly tweeted out that photo and didn’t have any intentions to offend. I mean, maybe she was just feeling down in the dumps and wanted to remind herself AS WELL AS everyone else that life does in fact, get better. Is there anything wrong with that?

Was she only trying to be inspired and inspire her fans? Or should the gay youth community take offense to her using “It Gets Better” to get through a glamorous Hollywood break-up?

Part of me wants to roll my eyes at her naiveté, and the other part of me thinks the world is just too darn sensitive.

What do you guys think?

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a Lindsay Lohan tweet to write.

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