This “It” deleted scene will haunt you forever, so prepare for clown nightmares

The 2017 remake of It may go down as one of the scariest films of the year, but the acclaimed horror film is going to keep scaring us all into 2018 — thanks to this It deleted scene.

If you saw the film — and let’s face it, you probably did because nearly everyone saw it — you’re familiar with Pennywise the Clown and his terrifying ability to compel his victims, like young Georgie. But the film also shows that Pennywise can compel people in other ways, something we see in bully Henry Bowers — who, thanks to Pennywise, sinks into madness and kills his father.

Chances are you noticed that when Henry later went to wreak havoc on The Losers’ Club inside 29 Neibolt Street, he appeared to be covered in way more blood than after killing his father.

That’s not just a continuity error, because this It deleted scene reveals just how far Henry had sunk.

In this short deleted scene posted to YouTube, Henry can be seen spying on The Losers as they enter the house on Neibolt Street from his car, making an ominous remark about The Losers’ impending doom at the hands of Pennywise. But as the camera pans back, we see — and warning, this is pretty graphic — that in addition to killing his father due to Pennywise’s compulsion, he’s also murdered his two friends, Vic and Belch.

Henry is so deranged in this clip, it’s terrifying.

While it certainly provides a bit more context, we definitely understand why the scene ultimately didn’t end up in the final cut of the film. Plus, it added a level of horrific surprise to see Henry confront the kids in the house looking like the ultimate horror movie character.

But if the It deleted scene proves one thing, it’s that the film isn’t afraid to go there when it comes to shock factor and violence. If the clip is any indication of what the It crew is capable of, it’s safe to say the sequel is going to keep us terrified in 2019.

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