The kid and adult cast of the new It were all in one place, and yes, there are pictures

Worlds collided on April 2nd as two generations of the Losers’ Club came together to unveil the first footage from It: Chapter 2 at CinemaCon in Las Vegas. Picking up 27 years later, the sequel to the 2017 hit horror film finds the now-adult members of the club once again facing off against a newly returned—and very vengeful—Pennywise the Clown.

In the most adorable passing of the torch, the teenage It cast—who will reprise their roles in the sequel through flashbacks—appeared alongside their adult counterparts and director Andy Muschietti to present the clip. Naturally, CinemaCon attendees and Twitter alike were delighted to see both versions of the cast together in one place.

There was Sophia Lillis and Jessica Chastain as Beverly Marsh:

Jeremy Ray Taylor and Jay Ryan as Ben Hanscom:

Finn Wolfhard and Bill Hader as Richie Tozier:

Chosen Jacobs and Isaiah Mustafa as Mike Hanlon:

Jack Dylan Grazer and James Ransone as Eddie Kaspbrak:

Wyatt Oleff and Andy Bean as Stan Uris:

Missing from the Losers’ Club reunion was Jaeden Martell, who plays Bill Denbrough. However, in true It fashion, James McAvoy—his adult counterpart—ominously explained, “He’s too talented and he threatens me, so I made him disappear.”

And while fans were excited to see both generations of the Losers’ Club, the star power onstage wasn’t the only thing that had CinemaCon attendees buzzing. The first reactions to the new (currently unreleased) footage indicate that the new movie is properly terrifying.

Steer clear of sewer drains and red balloons! It: Chapter 2 is set to be released on September 6th.

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