“It” is officially the highest-grossing horror movie of all time, proving that people hate sleep

Statistics now officially show that many human beings do not have their own best interest in mind and, in fact, actively seek out ways to keep themselves from sleeping. The statistic we’re talking about is It‘s massive box-office success. The movie recently surpassed The Exorcist to become the highest-grossing horror movie…ever.

The Exorcist held this highest-grossing horror film title previously, raking in $232.9 million domestically. It has made $236.4 million in just 14 days!

It’s worth noting that The Exorcist came out years ago and when adjusted for inflation, it still comes out on top. According to Box Office Mojo, that $232.9 million translates to $983.3 million in 2017. But hey, there’s still time for It to rake it in…

This isn’t the only record It has broken, by the way.

The film’s opening weekend came in at $123.4 million, which isn’t just a satisfyingly statistic. It’s also 1) the biggest September debut, 2) the largest opening for a horror release, and 3) the second-best three-day frame for an R-rated movie.

It‘s profits so far also make the film the best box-office performance for a movie based on a Stephen King novel. Considering the massive amount of films and novels to come out of King’s creepy, creepy mind, that’s not nothing.

We have to admit, we’re a bit shocked that It is such a roaring success.

Not because we have any doubts about the quality of the film. But just because we didn’t know there were that many people who were super keen to subject themselves to a couple hours of being tormented by a clown.

But hey, now we know.