Issa Rae wants to reboot this classic teen drama with an all-black cast

Here’s the deal: Issa Rae is a genius and we’re obsessed with everything she does. So when Rae pitched “Black 90210,” we jumped right on board. HBO’s Insecure is one of our favorite shows on TV, and if she wants to make another show, we know it would be a hit.

Rae absolutely always keeps it 100% real. From addressing critique about the lack of condoms in Insecure to realistically demonstrating the struggles of dating, she’s super real. In a recent video, Rae explained her idea for a show about black teenagers. Because let’s be honest: We’re way overdue.

Rae points out that since Moesha, we haven’t really had a show that follows black teenagers. It is definitely time for it. As we all know, representation is important. Let’s say that again.

Reputation is important. Here’s Rae’s pitch:


"I would like to pitch you a new show about black teenagers. Think '90210' or 'Gossip Girl' for black kids. Maybe we call it Ladera Heights 90041," Rae said. "No goodie-goodies over here. Not in this show. Nobody was watching '90210' for Tori Spelling."

Rae’s passion for change and the act of bringing normalcy to television is rad.

On Insecure, we get to see regular people living in LA and dealing with things we all understand: dating, paychecks, wage equality, music, sex. These are things most of us deal with or encounter, but it is really important to see these subjects through the lens of a black woman. Rae has always brought her voice and shared it with us, and even if she was playing around, a show about black teenagers is super welcome.

"So, like, where's our 'Gossip Girl?'"

We know that Rae has enough on her plate right now, but we certainly hope she has planted a seed in the mind of someone out there. Bring us the show we haven’t seen. A show about black teenagers. Bring us representation! We are here for all of it.

Sometimes when people tweet a dream, it comes true. We’re hoping that’s the case this time around.

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