‘Isolated’, A Documentary About Surfing & Peace, Gets A Kick Start

Kickstarter is a place where so many great projects get funded that may never have had the chance without it. Not all of the projects, though, are able to achieve funding. One such project I came across recently was one of those unfunded ones. Isolated, a documentary film about surfing and peace, was unsuccessful in the quest for funding. I often wonder what causes some of these projects to not achieve their funding, especially when they have celebrity backers like this one did with Ryan Phillippe.

The project is described in their Kickstarter:

In an interview with the Executive Producer Geoff Clark, he described what changed this from just a documentary into a quest for peace.

Keep an eye out on their website for screenings of the film and in the meantime, you can sign their petition to force the Obama administration to address the human rights crisis in West Papua.

ISOLATED – Documentary Film Trailer from Something Kreative Films on Vimeo

Image via Kickstarter