Supermodel Iskra Lawrence sat down with her photo retoucher to talk about all things body image

We’re huge fans of supermodel and Aerie spokeswoman Iskra Lawrence. Not only is she changing the modeling game one brilliant photoshoot at a time, she’s done so much to bring the body-positivity movement to the forefront of fashion.

Recently, Iskra sat down with a professional photoshopper to see how her model body is transformed in pictures.

"After all the glam and the glitz and everything that goes into making the image, it's then retouched. That image goes from being that person to something that's not real," Iskra declared.

The retoucher suggested that if he was asked to “fix” the photo, he would slim her legs and add a thigh gap. As the photoshopping continued, Iskra told the editor,

"If I was to lose weight, I wouldn't lose it like this, you know? I wouldn't be able to change my body shape."

Needless to say, the retoucher was totally gobsmacked, and responded with some “Ums.”

Iskra then denounced photoshopping and stressed that none of her social media photos are ‘shopped.

As for the video itself, throughout it, Iskra appears in all kinds of amazing workout apparel while breaking a sweat (and looking so damn gorgeous doing it!)

"I'm at a place where I know that I'm good enough and I can use exercise to reward myself and feel good."

Iskra tracks her activity on her Fitbit Alta, and says that true happiness comes from “being true to yourself.”

Shall we say that one more time, just because we should all hear it, loud and clear?

True happiness comes from being true to yourself.

Live it, love it, learn it! Thanks, Iskra!

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