Is *this* truly the secret ingredient to perfect mashed potatoes? (You might get grossed out.)

Los Angeles Magazine‘s Josh Scherer has shared his uber secret ingredient to the perfect mashed potatoes and we’re intrigued, but also kind of grossed out. According to him, the secret to creamy, delicious mashed potatoes…is mayonnaise.

We know, we know. It’s totally blasphemous to combine a weird ingredient like mayo with mashed potatoes, which is only one of the best side dishes ever invented.

Of all the secret ingredients for mashed potatoes we’ve seen (buttermilk mashed potatoes = yum), this is definitely a new one.

We might be able to forgive Josh, though, since his argument does make sense. The texture and flavor of mayonnaise are perfect for creating the most heaven-sent dish of potatoes.

"The infinitely smooth, creamy, custardy texture of mayonnaise is basically the texture that all your mashed potatoes should be shooting for, and you get a natural shot of salt and just enough acid to brighten everything up," Josh wrote.

“The flavor of mayonnaise is also less distracting than sour cream,” he added.

If you’re interested in trying this experiment, Josh said there isn’t a specific amount of mayonnaise you need to add. Start making mashed potatoes the way you normally would, with butter and milk, then add as much mayo as you’re comfortable with.

We’ll be trying this trick this Thanksgiving.