Is It Okay to Call A Pregnant Woman Fat If She’s Kim Kardashian?

I have always been on the fence about Kim Kardashian, but there’s one thing I know for sure: I find her shows ridiculously entertaining. I can admit that she may not have become famous because of a particular talent – okay, well, I guess that depends on what you consider talent. But people sure seem to love to hate on the girl.

Most recently, Kim has come under fire for her weight gain. The other day, I was actually in CVS and saw a magazine that said Kanye had “dumped her” for being 200 lbs. Other blogs are calling her “Shamu” and other horrible names for putting on the weight. But hello, people! She’s pregnant. Isn’t that one of the major bennies of a bun in the oven? You can eat for days and become as plump as you want and everyone has to bite his/her tongue because you’re creating a life.

So that raises the question: Is it okay to make fun of a pregnant woman if she is Kim Kardashian?

Okay, okay. So Kim can be super annoying… just like everyone else on the planet. But like I said above, I love her shows. I tune in almost every week and I laugh with – and sometimes at – the Kardashian family. Like my own, they are absolutely crazy.

People always poke fun at Kim because she likes to stick her nose in everyone’s business and she has a high-pitched voice. On top of that, she can come off as rather superficial and had a 72-day marriage following her 3-day long wedding special weekend. So I can see how someone might go, “Ugh, that no talent Kim Kardashian – why is everyone always talking about her?” Yeah, it’s mildly frustrating how famous these people have become for doing nothing other than having a reality TV show. So I can understand how people who don’t like her might find pleasure in pointing out her flaws. It’s only human!

Still, I don’t think anyone deserves to be mocked for his/her weight, whether they are Kim Kardashian, Mother Theresa or anyone else you can think of, especially if they are pregnant. I get how some people are obsessed with everything celebrity (because I’m one of those people) and want to know every detail about her baby bump and late-night cravings, but calling her fat is just wrong. I don’t care what she may have done in her past – she isn’t fat. (I mean, have you seen her latest Instagram?)And even more importantly, it’s just plain mean. I certainly wouldn’t want magazines making up false stories about my weight or relationship and then pasting an unflattering photo behind the big, yellow headline. So I don’t think Kim deserves it, either.

If you’re reading this and saying, “But she asked for it by being a reality TV star!” – I hear you. She did throw herself into the public eye, so maybe she shouldn’t complain about it. But whether or not you asked to be looked at, being called fat still hurts. (I mean come on, do you truly want the answer when you ask, “Does this dress make me look fat?”) I think she is taking the criticism rather well, actually.  I would be curled in a ball, eating Girl Scout cookies and hiding from the daylight.

And lastly, if you’re a Kim K hater, then just stop talking about her altogether. She’s only famous for being famous, so don’t make her more famous. I’m sure on some strange level her family loves all of this talk about her being overweight and a bad dresser, because then people like Ryan Seacrest want to give them two-hour, tell-all specials that she can promote on The Tonight Show. The best thing for the Kardashians is being talked about, so if you want her to go away, forget all about her.

Me? I can’t wait for their new season. And I don’t really care if Kim puts on some more weight or loses weight or shaves her head. My only real concern are those leather dresses, cause, honey, they cannot be comfortable!

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