It appears as if Ed Sheeran is wearing a wedding ring and WE. HAVE. QUESTIONS.

Don’t start freaking out right now, or go ahead and freak out right now, I don’t know your life. But, Ed Sheeran was just photographed wearing a RING on his LEFT HAND on the WEDDING RING FINGER and you know what that means??

Actually, we don’t really know what it means because our Ed has taken a social media sabbatical, so it’s not even like he can clarify what the placement of the ring means, so okay, fine, let’s start freaking out — but let’s just freak out a little.

Instagram user jovelmusic posted a picture to their feed, showing a very happy Ed sitting in the grass, hanging out with some friends. But it’s hard to kinda see the rest of the picture, considering our eyes zoom to his left hand AND THE SILVER RING ON HIS FINGER.

What. does. this. mean.

Ed has, in fact, been in a long-term relationship with a lovely lady named Cherry Seaborn. The two were last spotted together photoboming a picture of Taylor Swift.

But this ring, you guys. Might it mean that he’s MARRIED? Maybe even ENGAGED? It’s very hard to tell. Last time he was spotted out in public ~officially~ it was this past year’s Grammy Awards, and there was no ring on any finger. Since then, yeah, he could have gotten married. He could have gotten married since then. He could have been married WAY BEFORE the Grammys…or we’ll all just freaking out over nothing.

As one human out there on the internet pointed out, Ed has been spotted wearing this same silver ring before, just on a different finger.

Okay, okay, maybe it is a lot of fuss all about this ring. This is 2016, after all. You should be able to wear a ring on whatever finger you want. You should be able to get married and not wear a wedding ring. You should be able to be super single, and wear a regular ring on your wedding ring finger.

It’s still just very shocking to not hear/see Ed in a long time, and suddenly BOOM, maybe he’s off the market? (Somewhere, my dreams of running away with him and the two of us getting married and living happily ever after are slowly fading away). It also just sucks, because Ed is still off of social media, so it’s not even like he can be like CALM DOWN, PEOPLE OF EARTH.

Whatever the case, married or not, we love Mr. Ed Sheeran a lot, and let’s send him happy vibes regardless. Please release a new single soon. We need something new to give us ~feelings~, not just the thought that he might now be married and singing love songs to just one special lady.

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