Is Easter really on April Fools’ Day? 6 ways to get ready for the double holiday

Easter is always a special holiday for anyone who follows the Catholic religion. It’s the celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ, so it’s a very happy day — and of course, there’s all the chocolate and candy you get to eat. This year, though, we get two holidays all at once. Easter is on April Fools’ Day, which means that we get to combine two very unlikely holidays and doing that can be a little bit confusing. Don’t worry, though — we’ve got a few ideas on how to get ready for the twofer holiday.

While Easter is a holy day, April Fools’ Day is, well…not so holy. It’s all about pranks and practical jokes, which is probably not exactly what God had in mind when thinking about the celebrations here on Earth. But that doesn’t mean you have to ignore it altogether! If you love tricking someone every year on April 1st, you can do that this year too (but in between mass and Easter lunch). Here are a few ways to make both holidays work at once:

1.Swap out chocolate candy with chocolate-covered veggies.

Since April Fools’ Day is falling on Easter, it makes sense to plan some Easter-inspired pranks. A total classic that everyone will be pulling off is replacing candy with something a little bit less delicious. Do something easy, like covering grapes or Brussels sprouts in chocolate, freezing them, and wrapping them up like chocolate eggs. Then sit back and watch as everyone digs in.

2. Just don’t do any pranks at church. 

Okay, heads up: If you’re going to mass, you shouldn’t plan on doing any practical jokes there. It’s just not really the place for that kind of behavior, even if it is April Fools’ Day, and even if you aren’t that religious.

3. Don’t mess with anything important! 

Pranks are fine, but try not to do anything that is going to seriously mess up someone’s holiday. Plan fun jokes that will make people laugh, not something that’s going to be destructive. For example: everyone wants a delicious Easter lunch. Don’t mess with it.

4. Double-check all of your candy before eating it.

Be prepared, because swapping candy out for something kind of gross is definitely going to be a really popular prank this year. Just double-check your candy before digging in if you don’t want to deal with it.

5. Plan some family-friendly practical jokes.

If you’re going to be with your family all day, plan some jokes that work for everyone instead of just pranking one person. You can do the candy swap, of course, but there really are so many options out there to choose from.

6. Make some funny Easter baskets for everyone.

Another good way to get everyone is make Easter baskets that are full of jokes. Maybe throw in some fake bugs, some weird candies, some random items that one wouldn’t expect in an Easter basket. It’s all in good fun!

Now have fun out there, and watch your back!

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