Up Or Down? This picture of a cat is the new #thedress

Just when we had FINALLY stopped arguing about whether that forsaken dress was blue and black or white and gold, along comes another tricky photo that has the Internet thoroughly split.

As CNN reports, “The picture was apparently uploaded on Imgur a few days ago and has caught fire thanks to a post on the website 9gag.com.” What’s everyone arguing about this time? Whether the cat is going UP the stairs or DOWN them. Check it out:

What do you see? I can see it going both ways! You could be at the bottom of the stairs and the cat could be coming down to greet you OR you could be at the top of the stairs and the cat could be coming up to hang out. BOTH SCENARIOS WORK. But what WAS really happening when this shot was snapped? Oh internet, you are filled with such grand and exquisite mysteries…