This “Game of Thrones” theory suggests that Bran Stark is, well, not entirely human

After being MIA for an entire season, Bran Stark is back and he’s gotten himself into a bunch of fun situations! Not only does he (accidentally) cause the destruction of the weirwood tree, and the Three-Eyed Raven, but he’s been marked by the Night King, and the white walker army is totally coming for him! Also, that whole incident with Hodor! Oh Bran, isn’t it great to be back in the world of Game of Thrones?


Lots of theories about this young Stark have sprung up over the past season, from the fact that he’s time traveling, to the idea that he’s the OG Bran the Builder, and even the notion that he’s secretly controlling and altering events from the past, present, and future. It’s a lot to digest, and as we enter into the home stretch for Game of Thrones, here’s another: Is Bran actually the Lord of Light?

Okay, before we go any further: WHO/WHAT is the Lord of Light, besides that dude (or lady) that Melisandre is always talking about. Basically, the Lord of the Light is the religion that many worship in Essos, with the LotL (or, R’hllor) as the main deity. The LotL is BIG into the idea of “The Prince That Was Promised,” a prophesied great warrior, who may or may not be Jon Snow and/or Dany, but we do not have time for the Prince That Was Promised right now. The LotL was the one who brought Jon back to life in the first place, via Melisandre, so they’ve got some huge, epic power over the world. And this person might be Bran.

There are a few theories about this out there, but the gist from all of them is this: Bran (wherever he is in time, present or future) is trying to influence past and present events. There’s been a theory out there for a while that he’s “time traveling” and doing this same thing, but in those he’s always just been Bran Stark. With this new theory, it suggests that he’s now actually something way MORE. As Reddit user YezenIRL points out: “[show runners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss] themselves have (in their post episode discussion) referred to Bran’s transformation into the Three Eyed Raven as him becoming ‘something not entirely human.’”

Something that’s not human…like a Lord of Light?

Another theory from Reddit user Thefinalnights takes this a step future, and suggests that Bran’s actually the one who “created the Red Priests and [gave] them gifts of prophecy through his warging abilities.”


Like we saw at the Tower of Joy, we know that Bran can ~whisper~ to the past, and what’s to stop him from doing more of that? A voice spoke to Varys from the flames, and the LotL loves flames. Might this have actually been Bran, influencing Varys, telling him what to do? Is he actually talking to the Red Priests and Priestesses from the future?

As crazy as this whole thing sounds, it makes sense.