The first Thanksgiving pumpkin pie was quite different from the fall dessert we know and love

Considering politics and current events, there are a few things that might spark some tense conversations around the dinner table this Thanksgiving. But hopefully, you’ll at least be able to bond over what many find to be the best Thanksgiving dessert — pumpkin pie. And a new video from “How Does It Grow?” on YouTube is teaching us how to make a delicious pumpkin pie — but the recipe is a little different. The first Thanksgiving day pumpkin pie looks amazing, even though its looking a little different from the pumpkin pie we’re all used to seeing in the fall.

In fact, the original Pilgrims' pie of choice was the custard pie -- baked inside of a pumpkin.

As the video explains, it was a little less pumpkin pie, and more of a pie in a pumpkin. And in the video below, “How Does It Grow?” modernized the original pumpkin pie recipe for all of us! And between the first Thanksgiving and current times, the evolution of pie has been incredible for our taste buds.

In fact, there’s more than one kind of pumpkin pie to get you in the Thanksgiving mood. From the classic recipe, to the more festive, and even s’mores pumpkin pie… there’s truly a recipe for everyone. Which pumpkin pie recipe are you in the mood for at this year’s  Thanksgiving dinner table?

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