It’s official: Iron Man’s going to be in the new Spider-Man movie

If the three Iron Man movies, plus the two Avengers movies, plus the upcoming Captain America: Civil War isn’t enough Iron Man for you, you’re in luck. In both a surprising move, and also not surprising whatsoever, Tony Stark is suiting up once again, and Iron Man is officially joining Spider-Man: Homecoming. Looks like #TeamIronMan runs pretty deep.

The latest Spider-Man reboot (for those counting at home, this is #3) starts shooting this summer, so final cast details are falling into place right now. Tom Holland is set to appear as our brand new webslinging Peter Parker, but before he gets his own movie, he’s 100% stopping by next month’s Civil War. Since he’s kind enough to come when the Avengers need help, it only makes sense that one of them stops by the Daily Bugle.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Robert Downey Jr. is reprising his role as the billionaire playboy philanthropist, so go ahead and get excited. It’s not a shocking move, because have you SEEN all the Avengers crossovers over the last decade? But it’s actually a really surprising move, because Iron Man is a Disney property, and Spider-Man belongs to Sony. The fact that these two huge movie companies can get along and share our favorite comic book characters so freely is pretty darn amazing. If Disney and Sony can get along, you’d think that Iron Man and Captain America could get along, right?


It’s not clear how big of a role Iron Man will play in Homecoming. It could be nothing more than a quick cameo, or it could be a big featured role right along Holland. THR writes, “[Civil War] establishes a key relationship between Tony Stark/Iron Man and Parker and Homecoming will continue that thread.” Hmm, interesting.

Whatever his involvement, with the appearance of Iron Man, it means Homecoming is officially tied to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and who knows who might show up next.