How have we lived for so long without an Iron Man beauty mask?

Out of all the Avengers, Tony Stark is probably the one with the most intense beauty regiment, because seriously, have you recently seen the way Tony Stark lives? It’s safe to imagine that his bathroom is filled with all the finest face cleaners and lotions, and has a pretty intense bath tub that also doubles as a hot tub/jacuzzi probably, and this is where he makes himself beautiful in the morning, so he can fly around and save the day.

Since regular folks like you and me don’t have the luxury of Stark Tower, let alone the Stark Family Fortune, let’s instead rely on these pretty amazing Iron Man face masks that will make you FEEL like you’re getting ready to save the day, even though you’re just removing some blackheads.


Japanese company Isshin-do Honpo (or, Design Face Pack) is here to help us make all our Avengers/beauty dreams come true. Their two masks—in either Iron Man or Captain America, which is totally fitting right now, because Civil War—work like your regular beauty mask, but wearing this one you’ll feel like a member of S.H.I.E.L.D., or whatever S.H.I.E.L.D. is right now, who knows, because, Civil War.

After translating from Japanese, it appears as if the masks are a mix of glycerin, hyaluronic acid Na (moisturizer), hydrolyzed collagen (to clear up acne scars), and vitamin C. From this easy how-to image alone, we want to live in these masks for the next week.


The masks retail for 900 yen, which translates out to roughly $8 US dollars. And you get free shipping after 4,100 yen, or $36 dollars. And that means, you should be buying these for yourself, and also all your friends. It’s what team player Captain America would do.