This dreamy dude made an IRL magic mirror for his girlfriend

Magic mirrors aren’t just in Disney movies — they’re something you can give to your partner with a little bit of skillz and a whole lot of creativity. That’s what Philadelphia-based techie Dylan Pierce has proved to us with a Reddit post that has gone completely viral.

Dylan, 25, created a “magic mirror” for his girlfriend, Amy. In other words, it’s a mirror that shows the date, time, weather forecast, and super-cute compliments such as “You look especially amazing today.” He can even go back into the mirror and update the compliments, because AWWW.

Though the mirror involved computer programming, he was initially inspired to take the project on because of Amy, who’s into woodworking. She makes her own mirrors as a hobby (as well as furniture and other decor) and sells them on her website . . . but no mirror is quite like this one.

It took Dylan several weeks to build, mainly because he had to incorporate the element of ~stealth~. “I had to be sneaky because she owns all the tools I needed to actually build it,” he told Daily Mail

Beyond building the physical mirror, he also wrote his own software and programmed it. But when he gave her the mirror on Christmas Day, she was a little bit confused by it. “She was just happy that I made a mirror for her,” he told Daily Mail. “Then I told her to plug it in and she gave me a quizzical look, like, ‘What do you mean, plug it in?’”

But when it occurred to her, it was absolutely golden, he said. “I wish I had a picture of her when the Raspberry Pi boot text starting flowing down the screen,” he told Daily Mail. “Made all the work worth it a hundred times over. . . It’s proudly displayed on her makeup ‘battlestation’ now.’”

But the present isn’t over. Dylan’s got plans for the mirror — specifically, that he wants to make it possible for him to send texts to the mirror so that he can easily send her cute messages when he knows she’s getting ready. “You know, things like ‘Steak tonight sounds great doesn’t it?”‘ he joked to Daily Mail. “But yeah, I’m planning a lot of things. . . there is a ton of room for creativity here.” If you want to take on the challenge, Dylan posted the detailed directions here. It cost him approximately $300 to build, including a tiny computer called a Raspberry Pi, a beginner tool for programming.

Mirror, mirror, on the wall, THAT is the best Christmas gift of all.

(Images via Imgur.)

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