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President Donald Trump may have technically ended the separation of families at the U.S. border, but the (rightful) backlash against his administration’s zero-tolerance immigration policy continues. And yesterday, June 21st, first lady Melania Trump stoked public outrage when she wore a jacket bearing the words “I Really Don’t Care, Do U?” while on a trip to visit children at the border.

In response, one genius writer bought the domain name and turned it into a way to help immigrants.

Parker Molloy, a senior writer at Upworthy, tweeted that she had purchased the domain name and linked it to a pre-existing site where visitors can donate to 14 different organizations benefiting immigrants, like the ACLU, the Los Angeles-based Al Otro Lado, the immigrant youth-led United We Dream, and the Women’s Refugee Commission, among others.

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"I didn't want to feel apathetic; I didn't want to become the human embodiment of that jacket," Molloy wrote in a piece for Upworthy. "That's why I made a simple, declarative statement: I really do care, and I'm sure others do as well."

As of this morning, June 22nd, Molloy’s post has been retweeted more than 66,000 times. She told the Chicago Tribune that the page (which technically redirects to an ActBlue donation page founded by Amanda Litman) has now raised more than $2.8 million. Molloy stressed that buying the domain name was a way for her to encourage empathy.

"We need to embrace empathy, to care about something beyond ourselves," she told the Tribune. "Vulnerable populations — such as undocumented immigrants, but also people of color, women, LGBTQ people, and so on — are going to rely heavily on the rest of us to help weather this storm. ‘I really do care’ is a promise to ourselves and to others."


Molloy’s website and Litman’s fundraiser are both fantastic ways to show that, amid cruelty and apathy, there are still people out there who really do care, unlike the current president and FLOTUS.

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