This tiny iPhone gadget will totally change how you cool off this summer

On one of the first Saturdays of the summer, I (and the rest of New York City) was waiting in line for ice cream. It was 90 degrees, I was sweaty, and there were 20 people in front of me. I turned to my friend and said that this would be the summer that I bought one of those portable fans to carry around on humid days. As if by magic, a girl in front of me in line whipped something out of her backpack that turned my whole world upside down. It looked like this:


About the size of my palm, the Mini Fan plugs into the charging port of your iPhone and works just like those fans you used to carry around theme parks and on vacation.


Use it on the street, when you’re stuck in line, when you’re in an un-airconditioned room, when you’re waiting for the subway — anywhere! It’s so small that you can throw it in your bag wherever you go.

Plus, the Mini Fan is pretty discrete. It barely makes any noise, doesn’t use up too much battery, and if people do notice it, it will be because the Mini Fan is so nifty, and they’ll be asking you where they can pick up their own.


So where can you get your Mini Fan? While I picked mine up at a local Paper Source, which carries them in both white and black, Amazon has a few similar options in even crazier colors. Even better? They’re all under $6.

Bring it on, summer!

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