Use this iPhone hack so you’ll never have to deal with the whole “ducking” autocorrect issue again

I’d guess that many of us are familiar with the unique frustration that arises when typing out an emotionally draining rant to a friend via text and inserting a cathartic, perfectly placed f-bomb, only for your controlling iPhone to tell you that what you really meant to say was “ducking.”

I doubt any of us has ever intentionally told someone to “duck off” or vented to a friend about how something “ducking” sucks — but autocorrect prefers to keep things PG-rated and waterfowl centric.

But one Twitter user and Guardian columnist has crafted a genius hack that will allow you to use profanity to your heart's content sans autocorrect intrusiveness.

As Steven Thrasher of The Guardian cleverly suggests on Twitter, simply add names to your contacts for a certain “F**k F***ker” and “F**ked F***king,” and your phone will forever recognize the curse words, rather than correct them — it will think you are typing out the name of a friend.


Thank you, Steven, from all of us. This is ducking rad.

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