Nope. Not okay. This new iPhone glitch might turn off your alarm

At least you have an excuse for showing up to work late? That’s pretty much the only positive that can come from this news about a new iPhone glitch that causes all your alarms to turn off while you were sleeping. If you weren’t having nightmares about that already, you will now.

Basically, it’s all thanks to an update for iOS 9.1 that installed overnight for a lot of users. Unfortunately, this automatic installation causes your phone to restart, which shuts off any alarms you might have set before hitting the hay. As a result, many iPhone users woke up late —and seriously confused.

Don’t panic. If this glitch hasn’t affected you yet, there’s a way to nip it in the bud before you suffer a similar fate. Just install the update manually by going to Settings>General>Software Update and you’re in the clear.

Gawker reports that Apple has yet to comment on this particular phenomena, but we’re sure they’ll be quick to fix it. They’ve dealt with alarm-related glitches before, and even though this install-while-you-sleep feature was supposed to make things easier, sometimes it’s okay to say “oops.”

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