This new iPhone feature could secretly cost you hundreds of dollars

As if we weren’t wasting enough data constantly checking Instagram whenever there’s a dull moment, now there’s another thing we need to worry about. It’s called WiFi Assist, and while it was created with the best of intentions, it’s causing a lot of people’s phone bills to explode.

The feature comes with the latest iOS update and is designed to automatically boot your phone to 4G if the WiFi you’re trying to use isn’t any good. The downside? A lot of people use WiFi specifically because they don’t have unlimited data plans. By kicking the phone over to 4G (without any kind of alert or permission) iPhone users are unknowingly eating up their precious data and end up receiving a much higher bill at the end of the month. Not cool.

Luckily, it’s super easy to turn off. Under Settings>Cellular, you’ll find WiFi Assist aaaaaall the way at the bottom. Turn that little guy off, and you’re good.

This update is just one of many new things that were announced back at the somewhat controversial Apple Event. There’s stuff like the iPhone Upgrade Program, which allows subscribers to get a new phone every year. Then, the cameras (both front and back!) are getting even better. We also finally got to see the new iPhone 6s and 6s Plus.

It’s an exciting time for iPhone users, but with great iPhones comes great responsibility. These updates will take some getting used to, but should be totally awesome in the long run. Just keep an eye on your bill…

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