That data-sucking new iPhone feature might cost Apple big time

Remember when we wrote about the potential data-dangers of that new iOS 9 feature “WiFi Assist”? Turns out it’s not just a bummer, Apple might actually be taken to court over it. Apple is facing a lawsuit from customers who claim that they weren’t given adequate warning about the risks of the feature.

Essentially, the feature is designed to make sure users have the strongest Internet connection possible. This sounds good in theory, but it comes at a cost. Literally. The feature automatically switches to mobile data when wifi signal is weak, but it doesn’t let the user know. So you could be eating up mobile data without warning. Apple brands it as a convenience:

But most users don’t see it that way. The claim, filed by William Scott Phillips and Suzanne Schmidt Phillips, states that this could result in exorbitant data fees, and alleges that users weren’t properly warned about what exactly the feature does.

The lawsuit states:

If you’re worried about your own phone, go to Settings and then Mobile Data to turn the feature off — it comes automatically activated if you’ve updated to iOS 9. We’ll have to see how this unfolds–hopefully we can reach a solution that eliminates these data charges without charging Apple for what could have been an honest mistake.

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