Rumor has it, here’s what is disappearing on the next iPhone

Okay, so we can’t confirm it for sure, but we can say that the Internet has been buzzing with rumors about the new iPhone. Every iPhone has to have something cool and new and novel in order to compete with its previous self —but the iPhone is running out of ways to get smaller without abandoning some of the external features the phone has. So… the iPhone is apparently going to abandon one of them.

According to the Japanese technology website, Macotakara, Apple has decided to abandon the iPhone jack in favor of an even slimmer and sleeker version of the iPhone. I don’t know a ton about technology, but you guys, this would be a pretty big deal.

By getting rid of the traditional headphone jack, Apple is basically pushing us into a new age of headphones. The only options would be bluetooth headphones, using headphones with a lightning cable, or an external plug in that would be placed in lightning jack, thus allowing you to use regular head phones. And Gordon Kelly from Forbes points out that this change would give Apple massive control over iPhone users and create “smart headphones” for the iPhone specifically, which could interact with apps and notifications.

The question is though, is this rumor true? Macworld claims that the information comes from a reliable source. But Refinery29 has trouble believing that the claim is 100% true or on the horizon quite yet, pointing out that wireless headphones are growing in popularity, but hardly widespread enough at this point to warrant such a huge shift on iPhone’s part.

Well, until we’re certain, I’m going to continue crying while listening to Adele’s new album on my old fashioned headphones — that desperately need an audio jack to work.

(Image via iStock)