These GORGEOUS pet photos are getting us onboard with the iPhone7

The new iPhone 7 Plus has been getting a great deal of grief in the news. (RIP, headphone jack.) And yet there’s one definite plus we are quite excited about: the awesome photo-taking capabilities. The new iPhone uses two cameras to capture impressively detailed shots, and early iPhone owners are having their pets model the new phones’ capabilities. Below are some of our favorite animal glamour shots.

This pup knows how to work the camera!

Who you lookin’ at?

The kitty is so crisp and clear!


The new camera sheds new light on these two BFFs.


Do cat modeling agents exist?

Calendar worthy!

This could be used for any pet adoption flyer.

You can practically hear this kitty purring.

That face! We just want to smoosh it!

So, despite some people’s misgivings about the headphone situation with the Apple iPhone 7, there are a lot of cool new upgrades packed in with the phone.

As Wired points out, the iPhone 7 can also “handle a dip in the pool.” But it’s clearly the camera that has undergone the most important upgrade, and may attract even professional cameramen. Apple claims the iPhone 7 is the camera to use for low-light photography (a constant problem with iPhones), and even made an advertisement called Midnight about a kid’s all-night photoshoot.

The camera’s specs are impressive: dual lenses, 28 and 56mm focal lengths, an f/1.8 aperture, optical image stabilization, and an even brighter flash. For those of us who aren’t camera geeks, just know that’s impressive.

So, if you’re feeling hesitant about the new iPhone, but have pets in desperate need of a photo shoot, maybe this will help you change your mind.