We need to talk about the iPhone 6 challenge, which shames women for having perfectly normal knees

Women of the world: Why are we body shaming each other using arbitrary household objects?

There’s now a crazy trend on Chinese social media outlet Weibo to determine if your knees are “skinny.” Basically, you place your iPhone 6 on top of your knees and see if it covers them and if it does, you “pass.” What the what?!


Recently, we told you about the paper challenge — for which women are holding a piece of 8-inch A4 printer paper up to their midriffs to discern if their waists are smaller than it (news flash: They probably aren’t and that’s completely normal and OK!).

This wave of ridiculous body challenges comes after the equally nutty belly button challenge and collarbone challenge — both of which were shot down for body shaming — that emerged on social media last year. Why does this keep happening? Women come in all sizes, and using standardized forms of measurement creates unhealthy beauty expectations. We just hope everyone starts to realize that.

If you think this particular challenge is even more insane because WTF can you even do to alter the size of your knees anyway, you thought right.

“The knees are bone and cartilage, and those are fixed size, so there’s not much to do to change the knee’s size,” Benjamin Bedford, MD, of NY Orthopedics told Teen Vogue.

Moral of the story: Love your body—especially your knees—for the size and shape that it is!

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