Is your iPhone 6 taking blurry pics? Apple knows, and they’re sorry

Hey, hey, hey! Do you have an iPhone 6 Plus! Did you buy said iPhone 6 Plus between September 2014 and January 2015? And when you try to take a lunch shot or a selfie, do your pics come out blurry? Stop beating yourself up about that one time you dropped your phone (on the carpet, no less), this one is probably Apple’s fault.

As the Verge reports, Apple is now saying that there were phones sold last fall that had potentially faulty components in the rear camera, and it’s those components that are causing pictures to come out blurry. That said, Apple is here to make amends. The company is offering a free rear camera replacement on all phones that were affected by this tech mishap. All you need is an eligible serial number and, you know, an iPhone 6 Plus with a camera that’s not working. You can find out if your phone is eligible for the repair by entering the serial number into Apple’s website over here.

Never fear, soon you’ll be back to taking clear-as-day snaps. Take heart, your blurry selfie days are almost at an end.


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Image via Apple