Olympian Iouri Podladtchikov has one mysterious love life — at least based on our creeping

Swedish snowboarder Iouri Podladtchikov has a lot going for him. He’s an Olympic gold medalist, a talented photographer, and the creator of the YOLO flip, a record-breaking double flip with four 360 degree rotations. He’s widely considered to be one of snowboarding’s reigning kings.

So the obvious question is (at least obvious to us), who is Iouri Podladtchikov dating? Admirers can rest easy knowing that, at least at the moment, the 29-year-old appears to be unattached — though speculation abounds.

It was rumored that Podladtchikov ended a long-term relationship in 2010, and other claims connect him to Nadja Purtschert, a fellow Swedish snowboarder who placed third in the Burton European Open.

Other alleged rumors have connected Podladtchikov to model Laura Zurbriggen, fashion designer Tiziana Rohrer, and even Joe Jonas’s ex-girlfriendNew York Times illustrator and graphic designer Blanda Eggenschwiler. 

His Instagram features lots of sleek snowboarding outfits, adrenaline-infused half-flips, and  photo shoots with models — though it doesn’t look like any of them are involved romantically with him. He’s an avid photographer who often uses famous local faces for his bold, minimalist portraiture, so you’ll see Swedish models Carmen Bruendler, Julia, Vivienne Rohner, and Manuela Frey making appearances every once in a while.




The athlete and self-professed adrenaline junkie won’t be making an appearance at this year’s Olympics due to an injury he sustained at the 2018 X Games just under two weeks ago, when he took a hard fall in the men’s finals. 

We wish the athlete a speedy recovery…and also, maybe give us a call next time you’re stateside?

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