We’re singing the praises of this song-inspired calendar

You know that feeling when you’re listening to a song and you start creating a music video for it in your head? Illustrator Bárbara Ana Gómez does too, which is why she started illustrating her favorite song lyrics on her aptly-named blog, Illustrated Songs.

While working on the site, Gómez began a collection of illustrations featuring songs that named the months of the year in their lyrics — jams like Real Estate’s “Snow Days,” Arcade Fire’s “Month of May,” and Neutral Milk Hotel’s “Everything Is.” She put twelve of those tunes together, and came up with this calendar, a compilation of red- and blue-saturated illustrations that cover each month in stunning style.

Check out page two for more detailed shots!

You can pick up prints of the individual months or get the entire calendar together at her Etsy store (UK readers can go through her website’s shop), and check out prints for non-calendar related songs like The National’s “About Today,” Death Cab for Cutie’s “A Lack of Color,” and Laura Marling’s “Sophia.” Sure, we’re already in the new year, but we’ve still got 10/12ths of the year to go, and you won’t miss the turn of the month with this calendar hanging prettily on your wall.

Illustrated Songs Calendar 2015, $47.52

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