Inventory with Rachel Antonoff

Inventory is a project designed to feature strong, beautiful, creative and inspiring people who have an interesting story to tell. This series gives the HelloGiggles readers an inside and intimate look at the lives of the subjects, through everyday objects that hold importance and have meaning.

Rachel Antonoff is a New York-based designer whose aesthetic is girly, functional, beautiful, comfortable, colorful and basically everything you could ever want from fashion. Her collaboration with Bass is absolutely swoon worthy, and is a favorite among fashionistas and every day girls alike.

The first thing you notice about Rachel is how incredibly delicate she is. Tiny, even, and stunningly beautiful. Almost immediately after, you’ll be hit with her contagious enthusiasm. She’s full of smiles, hilarious jokes and is warm and kind and just plain fun to be around. She invited us into her space with open arms and was more than happy to share all of her unique and colorful odds and ends that she holds dear.

First of all, how would you describe your personal style?
My personal style revolves entirely around comfort. I LOVE COMFORT. As I type this I am working from home in cinch bottom sweatpants and my Birdie sweatshirt. I’m not saying I think everyone should run around in sweats, I just think comfy people are significantly more attractive (not to mention happier) than people who are clearly sacrificing comfort for fashion. I love dressing up, but most days I will be found in my very soft J Brand jeans and a collared shirt with a sweatshirt or sweater over it.

Two of my favorite things from the shoot were:
A. Girl Scout Handbook – tell me all about it, where is it from and what does it mean to you?

I found at a thrift store in Phoenix and loved it immediately. I have always wanted to do a scout-inspired collection. I love the classic Americana and Troop Beverly Hills implication! I also just thought the book was beautiful and I’m a sucker for pretty hardcover books.

B. Bunny headband, it’s awfully cute. Where did you get it? What’s your favorite memory wearing it?
So glad you liked it! The bunny headband actually means a lot to me. It was made by and belonged to my sister who passed away. Sorry to be a big bummer. I found it years ago and LOVED that she had made it. I’ve had it in the office for years and it feels really special to have it in there.

I love this Steel Train artwork, tell me about this photograph, when was it, where was it, what was it for? Is that you? Please tell me you still have those Docs?! Do you remember what you were thinking about? If not – take a guess.
I still have the Docs! I need to resurface those. I really love this art, too. It was for the cover of their last record, Steel Train. I was so honored to be a part of it. It was a really special shoot because we did it in my brother Jack’s childhood bedroom. All of that crap is actually his and was already in there! His room is like a museum of old, weird stuff. Our friend and great photographer Lindsey Byrnes took it. She also shot a lookbook of mine that we did in that same room. I actually do remember what I was thinking because it was fashion week and was the day after my show so I was completely exhausted. I was just thrilled the shoot involved me laying down.

You were using a pumpkin as a pin cushion, which is pretty neat. How did this start? Who gave you the porcupine pin? why?
My mom gave me the pumpkin, something she does every fall. I think someone just stuck a few pins in there during a fitting and it became a thing.

Let’s chat about your cheerleading trophy, what does it say on it? And, what’s your favorite cheerleading memory?
I am so proud of that thing even though everyone on the squad got one. It was basically a participation trophy. I think I love it so much because it is representative of a high school experience I actually didn’t have. I really sensationalize it.

On a somewhat-related note, how many times have you seen the movie Bring It On*?
*I’ve probably seen it 150 times.

Too many times. Too many.

How do you define success?
I define success in terms of happiness and personal comfort (not financial comfort).

Words to live by?
“When someone tells you who they are, believe them.” – Maya Angelou

You can follow Rachel on Twitter @RachelAntonoff

You should also check out The Ally Coalition, which she started with the band Fun. with the purpose of inspiring people to take action for LGBTQ equality. 

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