This invention will make period stains extinct. Yes, you read that right.

There have been amazing period innovations lately that make women all around the world beam from ear to ear when that time of the month rolls around — leak-proof period underwear, 100% organic tampons, etc. Now that there are more women stepping up to the plate and taking over the playing field, there are more game-changing menstruation related inventions than ever before. Get ready to jump for joy all over again, though, because there’s another rad one on the horizon that will put period stains to rest forevermore.

A recent paper published in the journal Applied Materials Today announced that an Indian nanotechnologist named Chandra Shekhar Sharma has invented a new material that will make sanitary napkins more efficient and effective than they ever were before. Usually pads are made with something called superabsorbent polymers, also called SAPs, which take a really long time to degrade and can potentially lead to toxic shock syndrome (TSS). But the new material Sharma has created doesn’t hold those risks at all. In fact, it’s safer for the body, better for the environment, and cheaper to make. I think we call that a triple win.


It’s not on the market yet, so you can’t run to the drugstore quite yet and pick up a pad that’s made with it. But it’s on its way. We just gotta be patient!

In an interview with the Washington Post, Sharma said, "This technology is going to benefit a large section of the society."

Not only would it help us everyday women with period leakage, but it could potentially help girls in developing countries have more access to the menstrual hygiene products they so desperately need. Keep your eyes peeled for this material to hit the shelves soon — and keep your fingers crossed girls all around the world get to experience the benefits of it!