This genius invention will help you take way better pet pics

If you’re like us, half of your Instagram photos are dedicated to your dog or cat (or, perhaps both!). While Fido is adorable 24/7, sometimes it just doesn’t come off that way in photos. Because, well, pets get distracted. Thankfully, this new invention will up your pet photo game, and it’s so simple that we’re surprised nobody thought of it before.

Similar to the way people sometimes jingle keys in order to get a baby to look straight at the camera, the Flexy Paw works by attaching your pet’s favorite treat to your phone. And, well, based on how well it works, you may get that perfect photo on the first try.

The company creating the gadget, called Paw Champs, currently has a Kickstarter active to help raise funds for the Flexy Paw. The device got its name because it’s flexible (of course) and works with a paw-shaped clip.

It’s so small, that you can carry it wherever you go for the ultimate pet photos.

It’s the perfect way to get your pet’s attention — and they’ll never even know.

(Of course, you’ll want to reward them with the treat in question after you’ve gotten your burst of pet photos. Otherwise, that’s straight-up cruel.)

Even better, Paw Champs is donating a portion of their Kickstarter proceeds to 4Life Animal Rescue, making this the perfect (or, purr-fect) campaign for animal lovers.

As of now, the campaign still has 38 days to reach their goal of $39,000. Rewards include — you guessed it — your very own Flexy Paw. This is definitely a cause worth supporting.

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