I got an intuitive tattoo to connect to my higher self

Tattoos have been around for thousands of years, serving as declarations of love, and talismans of protection and decoration for millions of people. Although the art and techniques have evolved over time, one thing remains true; getting a tattoo is personal. Now there’s a new method that reiterates this idea, and it’s called intuitive tattooing.

There are few things more intimate than inking something permanently on your flesh. While the industry has seen different forms and styles of tattooing becoming more popular, such as stick and poke and glow-in-the-dark ink, the experience itself hasn’t changed that much. Most of the time, you go in with an idea, pick out your tattoo, and get it done. Intuitive tattooing takes the tattoo experience to another level.

Created by Earth Altar Studio in Eagle Rock California, this style of tattooing draws on energy work, crystal healing and the artist’s intuition to create a meaningful and personal tattoo. To see if this was the real deal, I went and got a tattoo by Justine Serebrin, the woman behind this ritual. I currently don’t have any tattoos and the one I got from Justine was temporary, but the ritual and process was done as if I had actually gotten the real thing.

The first thing I was asked to do when I got to the studio was to pick out a crystal.


Justine laid the cards out, using a hand-painted deck she created for the reading.

She then walked me through the cards, explaining what she saw and how it related to me. The first thing she told me she heard and felt was about my heart and her healing. Justine described a vision she had during her meditation, which she said aren’t usually this strong, where a cross fanned out, spiraling upwards with rays surrounding it uniting my heart and third eye. This was a theme of the reading, as well as the fact that I’m going through an initiation and stepping into my power as a healer. Keeping my heart open and connecting to my intuition are things I’m actively working on, so having this reading validate this was both reassuring and comforting. After Justine finished my reading, the real fun was to begin — time for me to get a tattoo.

Although the tattoo process is intuitive, Justine makes sure to take into account what you want and what you’re feeling before she starts.

In my case, that meant having the tattoo on my left forearm instead of near my heart. My angel aura quartz was attached to the paintbrush that would sub for a tattoo gun and then it happened, I got my first tattoo! After about 20 minutes of intentional paint strokes, I had my very first “piece.”

The tattoo itself was a manifestation of the reading I had earlier.

Justine explained that the base of the tattoo, near my wrist, represents a seed opening up to what I’m manifesting through my spirit and actions. The spiral represented my Kundalini, or life energy being activated, another topic that came up in the reading. The spiral also represented my heart center. There’s also the sun amplifying the moon energy, while the moon is still open to receive, the play between the two mirroring masculine and feminine energies.  As Justine put it, this was my healer initiation, a crown to wear as I opened up to my higher power (well, hopefully.)


I am a lover of all things “woo woo.” I write about magick, spirituality and witchcraft on the regular. I believe in the power of nature and her minerals, as well as the power of intention, and art and glamour as a form of magick. Yet I still went into this experience not knowing what to expect. But this whole process exceeded my expectations. Not only did I leave with a beautiful piece of artwork atop my flesh, I also left feeling secure in my power as well as listened to and heard.


Even if you’re not into anything woo woo, getting an intuitive tattoo is a way to help you infuse meaning and intention to your new piece of flesh art.


I was able to try this for free, but if you’re looking for an intuitive reading, crystal and sacred tattoo ritual it will cost $150 flat rate plus $200 an hour. An intuitive reading, crystal and a trial session (what I had done) costs $250. Justine also offers intuitive designs  and readings, which can both be done virtually. You can check out all of Justine’s offerings here. 

If you’re a mystic, adventure seeker or simply want to connect with your intuition the next time you get a tattoo, then I cannot recommend an intuitive tattoo session enough.

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