Intuition, Ignore Her At Your Peril

For some time now I have been ignoring my intuition on a certain subject, and allowing my intellect to bargain its way forward. Of course two spiritual books down the road, I should know better, but sometimes things are easier written than done! In this instance, ignoring my intuition has resulted in me making huge changes to my lifestyle to incorporate an intellect driven ‘way forward’. Now that I am sitting in the midst of this big change, I am very much regretting not listening to the wisdom of my intuition.

Indeed life, as it does, has stepped forward and culminated in making my well thought out plans near impossible. And whilst I’ve been pushing and pushing for my contrived plans, my life has gone on without me, getting better and better without any help from me, without any pushing. Those things to which I have not been paying attention are clearly meant to be. But the one thing I have been pushing for, is the one thing that is making me miserable. It is indeed the one thing that is very wrong for me.

So let’s examine the facts. Why did I push for something that has in effect made me tired, stressed and vexed beyond belief? Why did I do this, when several times on this trip I have had a sharp warning in my gut to proceed no further? Why did I keep going when I have been massively upset by the repurcussions of what I have set in motion? Why, oh why, did I sit there and actively know that my intuition was against it, and yet I still went ahead?

Well in this life we sometimes believe that a man made plan, hatched from our very own brains, can’t be wrong. We second guess our intuition and decide that the first reaction was fear, we decide to ignore that fear and push forward towards some clumsy success. In my case I figured that if I undertook this new project it would give me a little extra cash, that would free up a little time that I could spend doing what I love, my books, my publishing role, tarot and meditation. But oh no… I was wrong, the ‘little side project’ has effectively taken over my life. It has become a monster keen to take me down and out. Whatever cash or time I have gained is nothing compared to the quality of life lost.

And yet, despite the vengeance this project is keen to wreak, all is not lost. I may well have ignored my strong intuition, but events have conspired to force me to back peddle and go with my original intuition. Th choice appears to have vanished and I am no longer in a position to override my intuition. I am forced by circumstance to backstep towards what I originally knew. So whilst I may have ignored my intuition, life has lured me toward a non-negotiable second chance, and a big lesson at the same time; never, ever, ever ignore what your Little Miss Inner Self has to say.

This intuition malarky is tricky. As much as I feel I know my own, this is evidence at how easily you can choose to overlook it. With many years practice under my belt I still get it wrong. Well as I say in my books, there are no mistakes, we are muddled spirits in a confusing human body, not here to be perfect quite yet. So I’ll take this on the chin, resolve to do better next time and by golly will I be listening to my intuition from now on.

How to listen and know your intuition:

The first feeling you get in your heart, soul, gut, tummy about any decision or situation…. that’s her. Ignore her at your peril.

The second feeling you get that rationalizes things, thinks logically around a situation…. that is not her, that’s your busy mind coming in to spread a little ego and confusion.

Think to a time your instinct was right about a person or their motives, or perhaps a situation you knew would go awry…. what you felt then is the calling card of your intuition. Contemplate this, get used to that feeling so you recognize it again.

Get to know your intuition by obeying her on the small things, have a little faith and see how ‘following your gut’ can lead to all kinds of fabulous events, options and people. As you get used to doing this spread your intuitive obedience further to the big decisions, watch how even the most unexpected intuitions turn out to be perfect for you.

Your intuition is the little voice in your head that is quiet and easy to ignore, she is the feeling in your body of excitement or anxiety. She is so easy to ignore. She rarely shouts. Take time out to sit and breathe and find her. Meditate, take walks in nature. Pay attention to what you really know, rather than what you may think you know!

Try not to question or over think any intuition, go with her flow, accept the moment and enjoy where you end up. Intuition can transform your life and protect you from harm, but it takes practice not to question her mad skills! Get practicing!

Image courtesy of Shutterstock