Introducing #SoTheresThat, our fun new campaign with Ford

Let’s face it, driving is weird. Our cars are echo chambers where we vent after a horrible day, sing our fave songs at the top of our lungs, have deep life observations, and nosh rabidly on junk food, and all in (seeming) private and judgement-free space. Oh, and you know, get from place A to place B.

To celebrate all the funny, weird and wild aspects of cars and driving, we’re launching #SoTheresThat, our new Twitter contest with Ford. And we need YOU.

Here’s how you can join in on the fun:

  • First, we’ll be asking a hilarious question on Twitter about drivers and driving.
  • We’ll post two questions each week (on Monday and Wednesday) from November 3 – November 21.
  • You (and any other funny ladies you know) can submit your responses to these questions on Twitter with the hashtag #SoTheresThat
  • Two winners will be chosen each week and their tweets will be turned into prettily illustrated artwork and featured on our site.
  • We’ll be publishing the winning illustrations on the HelloGiggles homepage and sharing across our social platforms.

Check back here often for the winners and GOOD LUCK, Gigglers! For official contest rules, click here.

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