Inside the Beautiful Mind of Fashion Photographer Ashley Jahncke

Mail Order Interviews” are illustrated interviews with awesome humans conducted via mail. This particular one is with New York based fashion photographer and artist Ashley Jahncke. 

You know the photos on those street-style blogs that you love to browse? Or how about those fashion sites where you can check out pics of the latest trends for style inspiration? Well, those snapshots didn’t just take themselves. There’s a person behind them—a person like Ashley Jahncke, fashion photographer extraordinaire.

Ashley‘s had her work published in Vogue Paris, BULLETT Magazine, Refinery29, LURVE Magazine, and . . to name a few. This should come as no surprise since she’s got a way of making her subjects look effortlessly stunning. Ashley can be found hanging out at fashion shows during New York Fashion Week or snapping trendsetters on the streets of Manhattan. She’s also been known to catch models goofing off behind the scenes.

How is it that models always look so. . .model-y even when they’re not modeling?

When Ashley’s not busy making people look gorgeous and uncovering the latest fashion trends, she can be found creating amazing works of art like this:

Ashley Jahncke is one talented lady. Look out for this snapshot wizard’s work in the pages of your favorite magazines and style websites because she’s making a name for herself in the fashion, photo, and art world! We asked Ashley to lend her creative talents to fill out a Mail Order Interview for us. Here’s what she sent back!

You can see more of Ashley’s work on her website  Be sure to follow her on Instagram @ashleyjahncke for more photo awesomeness!

(All photos by Ashley Jahncke and via Facebook)

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